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A Little About Me and a Few Thank Yous...

Thank you for visiting my website. I thought it would be nice if you had a little background on me. I was born in Stamford, CT in the 50's to wonderful parents, Raymond & Josephine Buzzeo.  My mother was very loving and a devout housewife.  My dad, Ray, was a self taught musician and composer.  He had his own band called the Country Cousins comprised of talented musicians and singers! In the 60's my dad decided to move to Hendersonville, TN to pursue his career.  It was years later, when my dad had passed away, that I started to dabble in songwriting and singing. The influence of Country music came out naturally.  This is how, as an artist, I took the name Stace Ray.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Forgotton Soldier Outreach (FSO) for the fantastic work they are are doing on behalf of our men and women in uniform. I was so touched by what they are accomplishing that I wanted to help in some way, which is how I came about the idea of donating a portion of the proceeds from my American Anthem, "Heroes", to this great organization.

I wish to thank you and all the other people who visit my website and download "Heroes" in support of my "Give Back Project". Your purchase directly impacts our soldiers in a very personal way. Without you, none of this would be possible.
I wish to thank Dean Kautzman at Interactive Digital Media for creating this website for me.
I wish to thank all my children and grandchildren for supporting me!
Finally, a most special thank you to GOD ALMIGHTY, my CREATOR, without whom  none of this would be possible. All gifts and talents come directly from Him and I am eternally grateful for those he bestowed upon me!
Stace Ray


Stacy Ray
Stacy Ray